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Part Fits / Sailaways
J.D. Boat Services are one of the few companies still able to offer part fits and sailaways tailored to our client's individual requirements. This is possible because we only supply boats to order rather than on a "production line" basis.
It is quite common for clients to ask JDBS to carry out various different tasks including engine installation, some or all of the electrical, gas and water services, sometimes doors and windows also, leaving them to complete the remaining work. Each client will have an individual “shopping list” of those tasks they would like us to perform. We would be delighted to discuss such projects and quote accordingly.
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Product details
For more technical information you may wish to download our fitout brochure.





Part Fits and Sailaways



We cost more but for a excelent quality base for your selves to finish and acheive a high quality boat with then we are your best choice.


A good quality solid boat will give a boat that will last for many a year.


Only the best quality materials are used.


We do not do standard fit out but boats that are highly specific to the indivdual client.


Where required, a BW Safety Standards Certificate can be arranged at the client's expense, but will be limited to work actually carried out by J D Boat Services.



Your attention is drawn to legislation from the EEC

The Recreational Craft Directive came into force on the 15th June 1998. While fully fitted boats will be supplied by J D Boat Services complete with all necessary documentation including a Craft Identification Number, Kit Boats which narrow boat owners know as "Sailaways" or "Part Fits", may not be resold until 5 years after the initial purchase. We understand that this ruling may be under review, but it applies to all Steel Fabricators.



Simple Sail-away example


Example of a sail-away or Part Fit for a client who intends to do the majority of fitting out, but wants to purchase a weather proof shell with at least some of the time consuming and boring preparatory work already done. This gives a more pleasant working environment in which to start work.


Steel shell
Water tank fitted integral or stainless steel
Insulation to cabin sides
Wooden framing prior to fitting floors, sides & roof
Plywood cabin sides & roof
Board to floors which will be cut to size and temporarily secured allowing clients to complete the ballasting process at a later date.
Ballast is not fitted, this is always best done with the boat afloat and when the whole design is finalised.
Windows fitted
Cabin doors steel, wood or glazed
Sliding hatch
Engine installation can be done as far as required on an engine provided or new purchase, each client will have their own opinion regarding type or may indeed already have their own engine (and perhaps intend to do part or all of the installation).


We prefer to quote individually for each job as the choices are so varied, depending on boat length, features and materials.



Other areas covered


The Engine installation part or whole on new or old styles.


Electrics full and part. 12Volt systems as well as 240Volt systems.


Diesel central heating systems fitted.


Gas and plumbing systems can only be done when full plans exist, since all such work must be tested prior to use.


All gas work will be carried out by Gas Safe registered personnel (the Corgi replacement scheme).


A BW Safety Standards Certificate can be arranged at the client's expense, but will be limited to work actually carried out by J D Boat Services.





 Engine Installation
JD Boats are distributors for

Vetus and Barrus Diesel Engines

Engine installation is one of the most difficult to estimate in advance. Each Client will have a different opinion as to what make and what size is the most suitable. Our policy is to assist our clients with selecting an engine which suits their needs and budget. In the interest of long term satisfaction we recommend only new engines and gearboxes. Where a client wishes us to fit a used engine, we will accept their instructions, but no guarantee can be given or implied.


As a guide, for a narrow boat between 55 Ft and 70 Ft long we recommend a Barrus Shire 40/45 a 4 cylinder Diesel engine displacing 2 Litres, fitted with a PRM 150 gearbox.


In addition to the engine and gearbox, the following equipment is needed to make the engine function and the boat move: a 1.5" stainless steel shaft; 18" x 18" propeller; stern gear; Vetus Uniflex flexible coupling; instrument panel; flexible engine mounts; sump oil pump; coolant pipes; single lever control and cables; gearbox oil cooler; fuel shutoff valves, pipework and flexible pipes; lagged silencer and exhaust pipes; battery master switch, cables and starter battery.


This engine and it's ancillary equipment offer good value and reliability, smoothness and quietness are well above average.


Significant savings in cost can be made by careful choice of other engine and gearbox combinations, particularly if a shorter length boat is required. While sufficient power must be kept in reserve for river use and emergency stops, diesel engines love working hard and hate running light, if the engine size is too big for a given length boat reliability is often compromised.