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The years and weather take their toll on all boats, at some time every boat will require repainting. JDBS has established a reputation for the quality of their paintwork, this is due not only to the choice of paints and the skill of the painter, but equally if not more important is the thorough preparation before and between successive coats of paint. For those clients looking for a superior paint finish JDBS can offer this service. It is fair to out that this quality of paintwork is never cheap, but equally should not need doing very often. JDBS can offer simple advice regarding choice of polish to extend the life and shine of new paintwork.


For the authentic touch we  hand paint. Our paint shed means that whatever the weather, the job can be completed to time and quality.
An example of a hire boat paint change

Two boats of the same design, the second is a boat that we sold recently and by request of the new owner was repainted to their prefered coluor scheme. This shows how just changing the paint scheme changes the boat.
We fit out new boats and also we do repairs, alterations to older boats including fitting central heating systems both diesel and gas.
As time goes on people want change, their needs have changed, parts of the boat styles or layout don't work but other things do work, so rather than replacing the whole boat we can replace parts of your existing one.
The work may not be cheap but will be done to an excellent standard this can be significantly cheaper than buying a new boat and could also improve the second hand value of your current boat.