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59ft 6in 4+2 Berth Semi-trad


Share Allocation & Availability 


      Share       Date     Availability    

 Share 1


 Two weeks April / May



 Share 2


Two weeks May 



 Share 3


   Two weeks May / June   



 Share 4


 Two weeks Early June



 Share 5


 Two weeks Late June



 Share 6


Two weeks Early July 



 Share 7


 Two weeks Late July



 Share 8


 Two weeks Early Aug



 Share 9


 Two weeks Late Aug



 Share 10


 Two weeks Early Sept



 Share 11


 Two weeks Late Sept



 Share 12


 Two weeks Early Oct




In addition to these 2 weeks, each Share will be entitled to 2 "floating winter weeks" loosely defined as Late October to mid April. These weeks are normally allocated by a "Bidding" process, each owner submits bids for the weeks they would prefer and after a little "Horse Trading", an amicable result is usually achieved quite quickly. This bidding process will normally take place in Spring to allocate the forthcoming "winter holidays".




Management & Maintenance Details



This provides the infrastructure of office work necessary to co-ordinate holiday requirements; issuing invoices and collecting moneys due; making payments for such items as moorings, C&RT licence and insurance; arranging facilities for boat servicing, maintenance and service assistance; mediating in disputes (if any) between the owners and any other matters that may arise from time to time.


Fixed Costs

A quarterly payment will be charged to cover the costs of Insurance; Licence for Canal & River Trust canals & rivers; Moorings at Gailey, a Breakdown service during normal working hours (24 hour breakdown cover).


Holiday Costs

The costs of replenishing fuel and emptying the Sewage tank at the end of each holiday will be charged to the owner after the end of their holiday. An internal valeting service can provided if required as an additional service. 


Maintenance Fund

The engine oil & filter will be changed every 200 hours, servicing and routine checks will be done between each holiday, repairs and renewals done as necessary. Replacement parts are covered from this fund. Gas cylinders will be replenished at the same time and all costs charged to a Maintenance Fund.

This Maintenance Fund is administered by the consortium itself.


Heron Details

Boat plan and further information about the boat 'Heron'