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Each 1/12 Share for £6,499


59ft 6in 4+2 berth Semi-trad N/b - "Heron"


Each share gives 4 weeks per year. These are 2 weeks during the season (Apr-Oct) which will have the same dates each year and the other 2 weeks during the winter which have flexible dates. 


'Heron' is a full share boat with all 12 shares (the complete boat) being sold to the share market and being operated in the same way as our other existing share boats. 

The boat has the expected level of equipment inc microwave, vacum cleaner & toaster. As the owners own the whole boat they can personalise it together to give the homly touches. Share contract is a 10 year contract, at the end of the 10 years the current share owners have a choice of either renewing the contract for another period of time or to sell the boat and split the proceeds between the current owners. Shares may be sold at any time during the contract period.


For the Share availability



Heron in the new colours


The pictures are library pictures from through out her years.




Heron is only six years old. She was designed for a new type of Share/Hire Boat Scheme. This Scheme was design to combined private share with hire use, designed for people who only wanted to have a boat for short term Share with their holidays supported as a hire boat.

The boat has been fully serviced and maintained through the previous years, it is still in very good condition.



Boat plan and further information about the boat 'Heron'