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JD Boat Services fitout narrowboat shells to all stages required by the customer. For those who are able, we can arrange a Part-Fit to get you going and let you finish the rest. However, for the whole experience, you must opt for a Bespoke Fitout where we work with you to produce a very high quality boat that does not make too much of a dent in your pocket.


Every narrowboat built by JD Boats has its own character which is developed by consultation at every phase with the eventual Owner. Therefore, it is impossible to illustrate all of the possible variations that can be implemented and show how they look. As a guide, however, the fitouts illustrated should be thought of as being a basic starting point for fitout appropriate for the class of narrowboat shell. A boat built to a standard design will always be cheaper to produce than one built to a design tailored to suit Individual requirements but we have always taken the view that our clients should have the boat they want, not the boat we think they should have.


Over the many years of fitting out narrowboats, we have developed some unique internal fittings; notably our Convertible Beds. These are available options on any of the boats that we produce.


Considerable thought has been given to building specifications and choice of equipment to produce the required result, a strong, reliable, well equipped boat which would command a high resale price, even after 10 years. Many such boats have now been produced for Hire and Share operation as well as those for Private clients, the build processes evolved to produce what we now call our "Dreadnought" class.


After conversations with both clients and prospective clients it became obvious that this rugged design may be unnecessarily bullet proof for clients who envisage less use and intend to treat their boats with tender love and care. Our "Frigate" class has been developed to suit these needs and is becoming increasingly popular, although many clients actually choose features from both classes and sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether it should be described as "Frigate" or "Dreadnought".


JDBS has always been aware that there are potential clients who like their product but feel the price is more than they wish to pay. The problem has always been how to produce a cheaper boat without building in unreliability, our new "Corvette" class is an honest "no frills" boat that not only has all the essential features but those features do work properly. This type of product has always suffered from builders who persist in building very poor products and sometimes disappear leaving their clients without recourse (and sometimes without funds). We still feel that there is a place for a good, honest boat that, while not ridiculously cheap, nevertheless offers good value for money. Following a spate of recent bankruptcies, one of the waterways magazines observed "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is". We go to great lengths to safeguard our clients money; while no builder can eliminate risk altogether, we use the BMIF Sales Agreement so that title passes to the client after payment of the first stage payment. In our case that stage payment does not usually become due until the steel shell has been completed and marked with a HIN code which also appears on the contract. We ask for a modest deposit initially and this can be paid by credit card for added protection.


JD Boats is constantly striving to improve on building methods where quality is not sacrificed. To this end, they have for many years been using a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system which gives a reasonably good idea of the required shapes and features. These designs are usually refined until production starts, then quick accurate progress can be made with a minimum of errors. Changes to the design can be made quickly, where changes introduce other problems, these are usually quickly identified. Each of the fitouts above contain links to example designs appropriate for the class of boat.